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From a world of choices, we travel for different reasons.  Sometimes to unlock the mysteries of foreign cultures.  Sometimes to rediscover the natural beauty of our United States.  Sometimes just to visit to remember times long past. Travel can be exciting and enriching but planning a trip is another story.  Travel Affiliates and Cruises Only® is your key to a wonderful vacation.  Let us get you on your way.

                                            Rae Anne Ryan, CTC,  President


Travel Affiliates is a combination of two of the Coast's oldest travel agencies.  Hancock Travel originated in Gulfport and was owned by Hancock Bank. Travel Affiliates, opened in 1963, was Pascagoula's first travel agency. The two companies merged into Hancock Travel Affiliates in 1988.
Rae Anne Ryan, CTC, became President in 1990 and in 1993 purchased ownership in the agency, which began operating as Travel Affiliates.  In 1995 the agency acquired Associated Travel in Laurel, Mississippi.


Travel Affiliates has one Vacation Store on the Mississippi Coast and hosts more than a dozen Home Based Travel Agents, our Associates.  With $4 million in travel sales, this travel agency is not just the biggest and oldest travel agency on the Coast... now we are the largest travel agency in South Mississippi. Travel Affiliates can also boast of having the most professional group of travel consultants in the entire State. 

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Rae Anne Ryan - CTC, President, Owner 

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